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zeger van olden

An Amsterdam based gallery specialised in Italian, Brazilian and Scandinavian furniture.

i am sensitive for good design

The shapes, the curves, the colours, the materials, it all works together and it all has to fall into place.

Some designed by the well-known names, but very often one of a kind items with something special in them.


High Quality Furniture

We hope you enjoy our collection and that you can find what you are looking for and, if not, feel free to reach out: Our network is large, stretching from Scandinavia to Southern Italy and from Middle Europe to Brazil.

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WHY van olden


High-quality, ethically sourced products and working with the best craftsmen and fabrics available in the market.


High-quality, ethically sourced products at affordable prices. If you fall in love with furniture you can always decide to buy it


The heart of the collection has been bought on a gut feeling of rightness. Some designed by the the well-known names.