Set of Two ‘Costelo’ Lounge Chairs by Eisler & Hauner, Brazil, 1950s

Height: 30.32 in. (77 cm) / Width: 28.75 in. (73 cm) / Depth: 35.83 in. (91 cm) / Seat Height: 14.57 in. (37 cm

Wonderful older pair of ‘Costela’ lounge chairs designed by Martin Eisler in 1953 and manufactured by the companies Móveis Artesanal and Forma. The word ‘costela’ means rib in Portuguese, referring to the eight wooden slats in the bone-like frame. The chairs are comfortable and really invite you to sit and relax for some time. They will carry you and softly embrace you. We were so lucky to find them in an old Brazilian beach house near São Paulo and even more lucky that they still had the authenticity label. With our team of craftsmen we decided to fully restore and reupholster them in their original design. They now have their authentic style again with a sharp contrast between the dark Brazilian caviuna wood and light colored cotton. We tufted the cushions with buttons and gave them the well known tied strings to keep them in place. Imagine yourself in this chair, next to the water, close to your friends and favorite cocktails in the hand… Saúde!

Marked at the bottom with authenticity label!