Set of Three Cornaro Sofas by Carlo Scarpa for Simon International, Italy, 1973

Height: 25.6 in. (65 cm) / Width: 86.62 in. (220 cm)/ Depth: 32.29 in. (82 cm)/ Seat Height: 15.75 in. (40 cm)

A magnificent set of two one-seaters and one two-sitter of the ‘Cornaro’ sofa by the famous Italian Homo Universalis Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978). Carlo Scarpa was born in Venice though much of his work is visible in other parts of the Veneto where he also lived after his birth. Later. He moved back into Venice where he also studied architecture. Carlo Scarpa has designed many different things such as buildings, gardens, landscapes, furniture, and lighting. One of his most interesting work as a designer was the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, located in a medieval castle. It was restoration work and in took place between 1959 and 1973 and has enhanced the appearance of the building and exhibits greatly. His architectural style is visible in the details for doorways, staircases, furnishings, and even fixtures designed to hold a specific piece of artwork. The renovation carefully balanced new and old, revealing the history of the original building where appropriate. Unusual at the time, this approach has now become a common approach to renovation.

As said, Carlo Scarpa was also known for his furniture and lighting design such as this ‘Cornaro’ sofa-set, but also his sculptural dining tables in marble and travertine (‘Samo’) are a good example of the use of symmetry and simple lines. I refer to his work on the tables because that very much resembles his work in buildings as part of a restoration work, using different kinds of marble and stone and creating crazy corners and coming together of different lines in walls, staircases and hallways. The use of lines and layers in his work is classic and the same time very playful.

This particular set of Cornaro sofas is quite rare because it consist out of three pieces so the wood is still homogenious with no color differences in the dark brown slightly aubergine-purle ebonised wood whatsoever. It’s in a very good shape and if you look with what simplicity the frame was designed its almost strange that he was the first one who experimented with these kind of constructions. They have been attached to one another with big screws. The small and simple leather cords to hold the cushions in place serve as a natural and practical dissonant towards the robustness of the sofa it self. With it’s thick cushions and it’s large rounded beams its quite an appearance. In terms of comfort: this sofa sits heavenly with good support in your back. The inner part of the cushions is also still very good and hard. The upholstery itself has been done with Velcro fasteners so easy to let it dry clean once in a while. The blue fabric upholstery is original and still good although one could consider to let this redo by one of our professional craftsmen. They are used with working with the highest standards in the market. Some light colored Pierre Frey wool would be lovely. The set consists out of three pieces: one larger one which is 220 x 80 x 71 (h) and two smaller ones are 140 x 80 x 71 (h). Seating height of all of them: 40 cm.