Set of Four Classic Niels Otto Møller Chairs Number 78 in Rosewood.

Height: 31.89 in. (81 cm) / Width: 19.69 in. (50 cm) / Depth: 18.12 in. (46 cm) / Seat Height: 17.72 in. (45 cm)

This is a true Danish design Classic with it’s characteristic knees that point out and really invite your hands to be placed on top of them. Also it’s little horns at the top of the backrest are a very distinctive detail. The rosewood is nice are dark and has strong expression which contrasts very well with the white faux leather that is still in very good condition. Though the best part of this chair is the way it was made. Very sturdy chairs despite it’s slim frame. An elegant chair that was built very cleverly and with very nice details.