Large oval Dining-, Conference Table by Mobiltechnica Torina, Italy 1970’s

Height: 76 cm / Width: 370 cm / Depth: 110 cm

Large boat shaped conference- or dining table in teak and metal.Scandinavian Modern conference- or dining table in rosewood and metal. The table is characterized by a large boat shaped rosewood tabletop with a rhythmic pattern of repeated dark flames that works very well with the red tinted Brazilian rosewood. The table is supported by three strong table stands of steel and rosewood feet, a good combination of two well-chosen luxury materials. Two rosewood bars connect the three stands to give this heavy table its support and good stability. Of course we all know that these bars have another great function, they are very useful for relaxing your feet on while sitting! Another feature which gives this table its character is the double layered tabletop, in the shape of a biplane. This double layer creates a useful storage area just below the tabletop. Very handy when you want to empty your table and show it off again as a piece of art…. because that’s what it is, a fine piece of art.

By the way,  this table will perfectly fit 6 corona proof workspaces.