‘Cassettiera’, Chest of Drawers in Wood and Blue Laminate, Italy, 1950s

Height: 30.32 in. (77 cm) / Width: 59.06 in. (150 cm) / Depth: 20.48 in. (52 cm)

This cassetierra is a true example of Italian craftsmanship, with its well chosen materials and by the precision it was built. It is so well preserved in all these years, you can’t believe this piece is more than seventy years old.

The sideboard has an interesting and elegant shape. The rectangular upper part of this sideboard is cleverly broken by an upstanding edge that is smoothly rounded in the corners. This curve is almost inviting you to touch it and follow the shape with your hand.

On top of this chest of drawers, surrounded by the upstanding edge, your eye will fall on the clear blue laminate, one of the features that gives this sideboard its charming character. It has a fresh kind of blue color, ocean like, and makes an interesting contrast with the surrounding wood. You can use this top perfectly as a display, a clear framework for displaying your favourite items, or maybe a piece of art.

The cassettiera has 5 drawers, two large ones below and three smaller drawers above, placed in a brick pattern. The wood of the drawers is of a different kind than the piece itself. It has a remarkable color, with strong flames and a unique pattern of vertical stripes. The different sizes of the drawers, and the fact that they open and close very smoothly, make this cabinet a useful object to store different items.

The cabinet has four upward tapered feet with on the bottom with a base of brass. The circular shape of this base is not only a nice detail, but gives this cabinet also its stability.

It is a wonderful and elegant piece of furniture and will shine in every living room.