Amsterdamse School Art Deco Bar Cabinet in Solid Oak and Coromandel, 1930’s

Height: 54.34 in. (138 cm) / Width: 48.82 in. (124 cm) / Depth: 18.51 in. (47 cm)

Very well preserved Art Deco bar cabinet from the late 1920s. This high cabinet has a lot of typical details from the Dutch Amsterdamse School Period, that was predominantly an architectural influence in that period. Lot’s of houses here in Amsterdam have been built according to that style that blends in very well with the older architecture. The shape and graceful details are very well visible in this piece. It’s kind of stately but graceful at the same time. The details such as the wooden stripes on the front but also the three water drops at the top, have been made out of Coromandel, a very rare dark hardwood that came from Indonesia. The Coromandel contrasts very well with the matured oak.

The sideboard is still in a very good condition and also the top is still good. Perfect for your whisky’s, grappa’s or cognac but also very well suitable to serve as a counter, a DJ-booth or just as a regular sideboard. This style of Art Deco mixes very well with Mid-Century Modern pieces especially if you are looking for pieces that have a bit more depth and style of making, all by hand. The way it was made is with so much craftsmanship and all the wood, mainly oak, is solid. It also balances very well against the veneer that was used so often after the 1940s.

Its a bit more serious piece (and quite heavy too!).

The height of the top is 100 cm and there is also a similar one available.